A culinary excursion into the wild nature - flavour experiences that inspire.

Game weeks

Immerse yourself in the world of game with our carefully prepared game meat dishes. From succulent roasts to delicate ragouts – our game specialities are a feast for the senses. Each dish tells the story of nature and its incomparable flavours.

Spring freshness on your plate - discover the diversity of asparagus.

Asparagus weeks

Experience the delicate elegance of asparagus in our exquisite selection of dishes. From classic creamy soups to innovative main courses – our asparagus enchants with its freshness and fine flavours. Let yourself be inspired by the lightness and sophistication of our creations.

April – May

August – September

Pure nature on your plate - discover the secrets of the forest.

Forest & meadow weeks

Let yourself be tempted by the variety and intense flavour of our mushroom dishes. Our hand-picked pasta and risotto creations with mushrooms are a tribute to the treasures of the forest. Each dish is a harmonious composition of earthy notes and fine textures that capture the essence of the forest.

A feast for meat lovers - experience steak enjoyment in perfection.

Steak weeks

Our steak weeks celebrate the art of grilling. Savour first-class steaks, masterfully prepared and cooked to perfection. The careful selection of meats and our secret spice blends promise an incomparable flavour experience. Each steak is a piece of perfection that will delight your palate.

June – July

The opening hours of our kitchen are

Thursday to Monday from 11.30 to 14.00 and 17.30 to 21.00

Tuesday from 17.30 to 21.00

Wednesday closed

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