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Cross-country skiing in the Wipptal

The Wipptal, a picturesque region in Tyrol, is a true paradise for cross-country skiers. With a wide range of cross-country ski trails through different landscapes and levels of difficulty, the valley offers ideal conditions for beginners and advanced skiers alike.

Discover the variety of cross-country ski trails in the Wipptal Valley

Maria Waldrast high-altitude cross-country ski run

12 km, medium difficulty

This trail offers a moderately difficult route that is characterized by its breathtaking altitude. It is ideal for cross-country skiers who are looking for a challenge and want to enjoy the beauty of the Tyrolean mountains at the same time.

Bergeralm high-altitude cross-country ski run

10 km, easy

This trail is perfect for beginners and those who prefer relaxed cross-country skiing in a picturesque setting. With a length of 10 kilometers, it offers enough space for an extended cross-country skiing experience.

Cross-country ski trail Gschnitztal

18 km, easy

The longest trail in our list leads through the idyllic Gschnitztal valley. With an easy route, it is ideal for cross-country skiers who prefer longer distances in peaceful natural surroundings.

Cross-country ski trail in Navis

7 km, easy

This trail offers a relaxed atmosphere for beginners and pleasure skiers. With a length of 7 kilometers, it is perfect for a short, refreshing lap in the snow.

Cross-country ski trail in Obernberg

6 km, easy

Another great option for beginners and families. This trail leads through the picturesque landscape of Obernberg and is ideal for a leisurely cross-country skiing excursion.

Schmirn Toldern cross-country ski trail

9 km, easy

This trail is characterized by its easy accessibility and beautiful surroundings. It is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxed cross-country skiing tour in the great outdoors.

Cross-country ski trail Vals

5 km, easy

The shortest trail in our list is ideal for beginners or for those who only have a short time but don’t want to miss out on the cross-country skiing experience.

“Cross-country skiing is the art of finding the peace of winter in every track.”

With its diverse cross-country ski trails, the Wipptal offers the right route for every taste and every level. Whether you are looking for a challenge on the Maria Waldrast high-altitude trail or prefer the relaxed atmosphere on the easier trails in Navis and Obernberg – you will find your perfect cross-country skiing paradise in the Wipptal. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and the picturesque landscape as you glide through one of the most beautiful cross-country skiing areas in Tyrol.

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