Ski tours in the Wipptal Valley

A paradise for adventurers


The Wipptal and its surroundings, including its proximity to Innsbruck, offer a variety of impressive ski tours for lovers of alpine winter sports. From the Gammerspitze to the Ottenspitze – each tour has its own charm. A particular highlight is the ski tour to the Olperer, a favourite among mountain guides.

Ski tours around Innsbruck and the Wipptal valley

Ski tour to the Gammerspitze

This tour offers magnificent views and is ideal for experienced ski tourers.

Ski tour to the Kesselspitze

A challenging route that rewards you with breathtaking panoramas.

Ski tour to the Vennspitze

Favoured for its varied landscapes and challenges.

Ski tour to the Sattelberg

An ideal option for those looking for a less demanding but equally rewarding tour.

The ski tour to the Olperer in the Wipptal valley

The high-altitude ski tour on the Olperer is an unforgettable experience that is particularly appreciated by mountain guides. For fit ski tourers, this tour is feasible as a one-day challenge, while a two-day variant with an overnight stay in the winter room of the Geraerhütte offers a more relaxed approach.

1-day tour

The start is early in the morning in Wildlahnertal in Schmirn. The route leads past the Wetterkreuz to the glacier, from where it goes to the Wildlahner Scharte. The famous Eisbuggl is climbed with crampons, followed by the ascent via the north ridge to the summit of the Olperer.

2-day tour

The starting point is also in the Schmirntal valley. On the first day, the tour leads over the Steinerne Lamm (2528 m) to the Geraer Hütte. After an overnight stay in the hut’s winter room, the next day’s route takes you over marvellous ski touring terrain and later over the north ridge to the summit of the Olperer. The descent is via the north ridge with an impressive descent back to Schmirn.

Important information

Time required: Optionally as a 1- or 2-day tour.

Number of participants: Maximum of 2 participants per tour.

Requirements: 2000 vertical metres on the day tour or 1300 vertical metres on the first day and 1200 vertical metres on the second day on the 2-day tour.

Difficulty level: 2+ on rock; safe descents in all types of snow as well as excellent fitness and surefootedness are required.

Arrival: approx. 20 minutes by car

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"Ski tours are like chess on snow - strategic, full of surprises and sometimes you just end up in the snow without knowing how you got there!"

Ski tours in the Wipptal valley and the surrounding area of Innsbruck offer unique experiences for ski tourers. From picturesque routes to challenging summit ascents – the region has something for every adventurer. With the right planning and preparation, every tour becomes an unforgettable adventure in the Tyrolean mountains.

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